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Portugal is a country with 14 wine regions.  It is absolutely fantastic how a small country can have wines that are so different from region to region. Each wine truly expresses its own terroir.  Portugal has soils of pure limestone, clays, shale, granite, and in some areas volcanic soils.  On the island of Pico dos Açores, the soil is 100% volcanic, making unique and inspiring wines.

Our wines are also subjected to a high Atlantic influence, and a strong continental influence of high temperatures, depending on the region where they are born.

We are a country of blend wines, alternating our extraordinary native grape varieties with the most famous international varieties.

Portugal also has 4 extraordinary fortified wines classified as GENEROUS, Port Wine, Moscatel Wine from Setúbal, Carcavelos Wine and Madeira Wine.

Finally, this small country has a demarcated area for Aguardentes, where the prestigious Aguardentes da Lourinhã are born.

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