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Our history

A visit to Quinta de D. Carlos means traveling back to the 19th century. XVI, the date on which Simão da Cunha – grandson of the famous navigator and ambassador Tristão da Cunha – established Morgado dos Cunhas, and this property has remained in the same family since that time.

The Quinta's residential house, of unusual dimensions for the region, was built in the 50s of the 17th century. Its architectural design is due to D. Manuel da Cunha - Bishop of Elvas and, after the Restoration of 1640, Bishop of Lisbon and member of the State Council of D. João IV - brother of the owner, D. Pedro da Cunha.

In 2003, the house was restored by the current owner, D. Frederico da Cunha, Marques de Valada and Conde da Caparica, who maintained the spirit of the Quinta and its unique architectural design.

The extensive renovation carried out allowed the space to be modernized, adapting it to hold events and turning it into a pleasant refuge surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old gardens.

Although 13 generations separate D. Federico da Cunha from the founder of Quinta de D. Carlos, the tradition of vineyard cultivation and wine production remains.


Argilium - Limestones


Cold mornings, temperate days

Alenquer Centro


Practices protective Viticulture  integrated



Arinto, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc


Touriga Nacional, Petit VerdotSyrah, e Cabernet Sauvignon

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