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The brand CARTUXA is one of the main assets of Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and current brand umbrella from Cartuxa Winery, from Lagar Cartuxa, Cartuxa wine tourism and Enoteca Cartuxa. The insignia reflects the identity of the wines Vinea Cartuxa, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and the mythical Pêra-Manca, as well as olive oils  EA and Charterhouse.

Excellence, quality and individuality - in a very unique style that makes a difference and defines a Alentejo -, these are the values recognized by the public for the brand Charterhouse. The strength of the name and the positive association with it means that anyone who tries it automatically becomes a loyal consumer. The wine, the oil and the projects Cartuxa wine tourism and Enoteca Cartuxa, also reflect these same values.

The bet of Eugénio de Almeida Foundation in the creation of excellent products has been recognized over the last few years with several prizes.



The property was acquired by D. Manuel de Mello, as a family home and retreat outside the city. When the patriarch passed away, Monte da Ravasqueira passed to José Manuel de Mello, one of his sons, who would dedicate himself to agriculture there. , the development of the Lusitano Horse breed and the planting of vineyards. His 12 children grew up in this house, who today lead the José de Mello Group. Monte da Ravasqueira became, over the years, much more than a family home, employing, at one point, more than 300 people from the Arraiolos region.

The result of a passion, José Manuel de Mello began his wine project, planting the first vines in Monte da Ravasqueira. Four years after the first vines were planted, the family harvested what would be their first wine. Bottled and labeled MR, this wine would never reach the market, and is today considered a relic of great symbolism within the Ravasqueira family and employees. From the 2002 harvest, the first wine from Monte da Ravasqueira arrived on the market. A red wine that was sold until mid-2017. Organized by Monte da Ravasqueira, the event took place at Herdade da Mata, between the 23rd and 26th of March, comprising an equestrian competition in which competitors were evaluated in the modalities of teaching, marathon and maneuverability. Classified as CAI-A, the highest level of competition for four, two and one horses and for four ponies, the Iberian Driving Cup featured around 200 horses and 80 participants, from Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain , Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and is still considered one of the most striking and important driving competitions ever held in Portugal.

With the death of José Manuel de Mello on September 16th, one of his life goals remained unfulfilled: to make Monte da Ravasqueira an unavoidable reference in the production of Alentejo wines. This is the main motivation of his 12 children who chose to continue producing and selling wines, paying homage to their father in each wine, but especially in each bottle of the Premium range.

In 2012, Pedro Pereira Gonçalves took on the challenge of rethinking Monte da Ravasqueira's winemaking philosophy and the profile of its wines, investing in the sustained growth of the brand, with the aim of making it an unavoidable reference in the Alentejo. Achieving one of the main vectors of Monte da Ravasqueira's strategy, a process of creating exclusive brands of quality wines and differentiated concepts for mass distribution begins. This is the case of the Guarda Rios, Coutada Velha and Landau brands, in Portugal.

The year 2017 was marked by an adjustment in the brand's identity and a process of commercial repositioning, renewing the wine portfolio. The wines became part of two large ranges – Monte da Ravasqueira and Ravasqueira – and new wines were launched, such as Reserva da Família and the Classic, Superior and Selection of the Year segments.

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